Most Forgotten Items

Packing for college can be a challenge ? even with the help of our college checklist and college expert picks, in all the excitement it can be easy to forget some of the basics. Why worry ? no college packing list is complete until you say it is, which is why our ?most forgotten things you need for college? selection is so awesome. Our buyers have experienced every ?oops!? scenario, and curated a collection of must haves and most forgotten items you can?t live without; browse any time for ideas and information and arrange for direct delivery with your smart device. College necessities you might overlook include surge protectors, insulated tumblers, microwavable food storage bowls, blankets, laundry bags, shower shoes and bath towels. Some of the most important things to bring to college are bath and shower supplies, damage free hooks and mounting solutions, laundry aids and personal electronics. Be prepared ? buy now.