Moving Supplies

Packing for college is one of those things you?ve got to do, so do it right, and make sure your stuff arrives in one piece. Whether you are moving by car, shipping belongings or checking bags on a plane, the right moving supplies can be the difference between delight and disaster. Check out our selections ? our college experts have chosen the best moving boxes and packing supplies so you can focus on getting your packing done. Get organized and protect your gear with multiple sizes of packing bags and vacuum storage bags along with handy hanging bags; heavy duty storage totes and modular storage containers make packing easy. Padded moving blankets and furniture moving systems make it easy to move and rearrange furniture. Packaging tape and label makers are a great way to both seal and identify what?s in each box ? this can help save steps when you are ready to unpack. Use bubble wrap, stretch wrap and foam pouches to protect delicate items, and remember that wheels make all the difference ? a moving dolly or wheeled cart makes it easy to transport belongings and storage boxes. Large trash bags are handy for moving pillows and comforters.