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With an array of different styles, patterns, colors, sizes, and light filtering options to choose from, Bed Bath & Beyond's wide selection of curtains and window treatments complete the look of any room in your home. With everything from traditional to modern styles, floral to stripe pattern, and bold to neutral colors, you’ll find a window treatment that suits your style and complements your room’s décor. Plus, window curtains are more than just window dressings. Not only do they add the perfect exclamation point in your room’s décor, but they also serve a functional purpose as well - whether it is to provide privacy, filter light, or block out light completely. So, whether you’re searching for new window curtains for your new room or just want to give your space a stylish update, Bed Bath & Beyond has just the window curtains, window valances, and window treatments you’ll need to complete the look of your window.

With so many options in curtains and window treatments to choose from, you need to consider the look you are trying to achieve. Depending on the height of your ceiling, 95” or 108” long window curtains that puddle at the floor will add a touch of glamorous drama to a room. To get that look, measure from the rod to the floor and add a few extra inches to the length. Hanging the curtain rod just below the ceiling will create the most dramatic impact and make the room look taller. If you have beautiful crown molding, you may want to hang the rod below it, so you can still showcase the molding. Create a classic, polished look with 84” curtains that just graze the floor. Curtains that touch the windowsill – typically 63” long are the standard look. Curtain rods should extend at least 4” on either side of the window so it makes the window look wider. If using two drapes, choosing a double rod will make it easier to move each curtain independently of the other. No matter how you'd like to dress your window, Bed Bath & Beyond's selection of window treatments is sure to have just what you need to bring your vision to life.

If you are someone who needs complete darkness to fall asleep and stay asleep, you should consider our blackout curtains that block 100% of light and provide complete privacy. This type of curtain is also ideal for nurseries where light can interfere with your baby’s sleep, especially if the window is in the direction of the sunrise. Our almost limitless options of blackout curtains come in a range of sizes and hanging styles such as grommet, rod pocket, pinch pleat, tab top, and tie top. Lined in light-blocking polyester, some of them are insulated, so they absorb heat and reduce noise intrusion. If you are looking for privacy but still like a little light, you should consider our room darkening curtains. This is ideal for a room that is close to a neighbor’s home or one where you need a little natural light to work in. If you like more light coming in, you may want to consider Bed Bath & Beyond’s light-filtering or sheer curtains. The difference is that sheer curtains offer no privacy at all and light filtering will provide some privacy, especially if your window is at a good distance from the neighboring home or the street. Embrace the popular trend of layering window treatments to give your home a designer look without the expense of custom drapes. Adding valances is also a simple way to add visual impact. You can layer room darkening or blackout window treatments with sheers to alternate between privacy and light when you need it. Another popular option is choosing blinds for privacy and layering curtains over them for a softer texture. If you choose this approach, it is advisable to select the blinds you’d like from Bed Bath & Beyond prior to selecting your window curtains.