Grill to Table Collection

Love to cook? Whether you’re a novice, an accomplished home cook or a gourmet chef, you’ll enjoy exploring the Artisanal Kitchen Supply® Design Studio at Bed Bath & Beyond – it’s a recipe for success in the kitchen, at the grill and beyond. The collection has all the right ingredients – a mix of Artisanal Kitchen Supply® exclusive and proprietary products along with designer picks – a sampling of goods produced by other manufacturers that add just the right flavor to the overall collection because they resonate perfectly with the brand attributes. Browse any time for ideas and information and shop with confidence – each item has been curated and included because it celebrates culinary creativity. Enjoy timeless and versatile kitchen tools designed to inspire and empower your inner gourmet. Bon appetit!

Place holder

The Artisanal Kitchen Supply® line of cast iron is designed to engage the home chef – cast iron is a staple in any professional kitchen and this line was created to encourage home cooks to expand their cooking capabilities. An artisanal cast iron skillet is the perfect addition to any kitchen; additional popular cast iron cookware selections include pre-seasoned cast iron grill presses, stovetop griddles and grills, square grill pans, mini Dutch ovens and mini au gratin pans. Complete the look with rustic artisanal designer picks such as satin flatware and cotton napkins in warm summer and fall colors.

Cast Iron

It all begins with cast iron – this versatile cookware can go directly from the grill, the oven, BBQ or stovetop to the dinner table (with an appropriate trivet or hot pad placed beneath to protect tabletops and other surfaces); cast iron cookware adds a rustic charm to any table and is a wonderful way to keep food warm throughout the meal. Cast iron heats up quickly, conducts heat evenly and retains heat; it may be used for cooking everything from meats, poultry fish and savories to sweets such as cornbread or even apple pie.