A Simply Healthy Life

You know and love the magazine Real Simple ? did you know you could shop a carefully curated collection chosen by Real Simple?s editor-in-chief and style maven Leslie Yazel? Her simple healthy life collections focus on elevating spaces in an easy, affordable way; items are selected for their clean, fresh and timeless style that exudes casual chic, comfort and convenience. Life is challenging, and Leslie Yazel?s picks are focused on making you healthy and happy with smart and easy solutions that make living your life simpler. The healthy living products span almost every room in your home and include a hostess collection, bedroom collection, solutions for laundry, kitchens and more. Entertaining is hassle-free when you choose smart and simple solutions designed to free up your time, so you can spend it with family and friends instead of fretting in the kitchen. It all begins with organized kitchens ? after all, the kitchen is the heart and soul of any home; choose from beautiful organizing solutions designed to create a place for everything and look great in the process. When you feel organized, you feel free, and able to entertain effortlessly. Cozy bedrooms are a must ? it?s the place where you kick back, relax and rejuvenate; make your sleeping space comfortable, inviting and elegant with solutions designed to keep it tidy, organized and more peaceful. Cleanliness and tranquility are to well-being, which is just one reason the laundry solutions are lifesavers. Compare elegant laundry baskets and hampers, storage bins, shelves, hangers and more ? it?s the perfect way to organize your closets and your clothing so that washday becomes less of a chore and ironing less of a bore. When you live in beautiful surroundings, everything you own looks better and you feel better too. That?s the beauty of Real Simple?s editor picks ? enjoy!