Dailyware™ Martini Set of 4
Dailyware™ Martini Set of 4
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Dailyware™ Martini Set of 4

Cocktail Glasses

Serving top shelf liquor and making great mixed drinks is a combination of art and science ? Not only does the measurements and proportions count, but so does the glass. Make your drink an experience with the proper glass. Martinis don't have anywhere near the style they should unless they are served in a martini glass. The same goes for whisky. Good quality whiskey glasses help reveal all of the complexities and aromas of fine whisky and bourbon. Salt or no salt: that is the question when making a margarita. There's no question that a margarita glass makes all the difference in the presentation and taste. Whether you are entertaining or simply enjoying a relaxing drink at home, an investment in a variety of cocktail glasses instantly enhances your drink of choice.