Serve beverage in style and reduce your environmental footprint when you use a water pitcher in place of single-use bottles. Nothing beats and ice cold pitcher of water or sweet tea on a hot summer day; iced tea and juices look beautiful when served from a glass pitcher. Browse our pitcher assortment any time of the day or night from the comfort of home for ideas, inspiration and serving solutions. Compare glass cantina pitchers, fruit infusion pitchers, acrylic juice jars, margarita sets, plastic pitchers, sangria glassware sets, sweet tea sets, ceramic pitchers, footed pitchers, monogram pitchers, milk bottles, hammered metal pitchers, juice jugs, pitchers with ice tubes, cold storage bottles, cocktail pitchers, mixing pitchers, carafes and more. Add a touch of class to your table when you serve milk in a ceramic pitcher; use a pitcher with lid to protect beverages on the deck or patio.