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Experience Registry Gifts

For the couple who already has the bedding, the plates, and the toaster, forego registering for household items you don’t need and register for memories that will last you a lifetime instead with experience gifts from Bed Bath & Beyond. With a plethora of incredible experiences all around the world to choose from, these unique gifts are perfect for people who are constantly seeking their next adventure. Whether you consider yourselves to be a couple of travelers, thrill seekers, culture buffs, fitness fanatics, foodies, etc., Bed Bath & Beyond’s experience gifts provide you and your loved one with the opportunity to try new things and see new sights. Not to mention, experience gifts make the perfect presents to give your loved ones on happy occasions like their wedding day, their anniversary, their birthday, and so on.

How It Works?

Once you’ve found an experience gift you and a loved one would like to try, add it to your Bed Bath & Beyond gift registry for all your friends and family to see. From there, with a simple click of a button, your guests will have the opportunity to gift you the registry experience of your choosing. Once the experience gift is purchased, you will receive a voucher in the mail to begin the redemption process. Then, simply visit spurexperiences.com/BBB to set up your free profile, enter the special code listed on the voucher, and Voilà! It’s time for you and your loved one to clear your schedules, book your experience, pack your bags, and get ready to have the time of your lives together.

If the thought of receiving a surplus of household items doesn’t exactly excite you, it’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to creating your gift registry. Luckily here at Bed Bath & Beyond, you can add quality time spent together to your registry list by selecting one (or more) of our unique experience gifts. For the couple who craves breathtaking views and exciting excursions, browse Bed Bath & Beyond’s “Gifts for Travelers” for an experience you can enjoy on your next romantic getaway. For the couple who enjoys an adrenaline rush, browse Bed Bath & Beyond’s “Gifts for Thrill Seekers” for an experience you can check off your bucket list. For the couple who loves to broaden their horizons, browse Bed Bath & Beyond’s “Gifts for Culture Buffs” for an experience where you can learn about something new. Plus, with experience gifts for outdoor explorers, artsy types, fitness fanatics, foodies, and wellness enthusiasts, Bed Bath & Beyond makes it easy to find an adventure you and your partner will be eager to add to your wedding registry, anniversary registry, birthday registry, or any other gift registry.