Adjustable Bases & Foundations

Adjustable bed frames have come a long way. If you've only seen adjustable beds in hospitals or on old infomercials, it's time to catch up! Todays' adjustable beds, frames, and foundations are high-end, luxury, and come with add-ons like USB ports, extra lighting, and wireless remotes. Your comfort begins even before you get in your new bed with our variety of shipping options. With choices like free shipping, truck delivery, or White Glove Delivery, we know you'll find the adjustable bed frame or base to fit your needs, and we can't wait for you to start using it!

Place holder

Today's adjustable bed frames are great for everyone. They meet the needs of a wide variety of consumers – from people who simply want a luxury experience in bed to people who need the comfort and adjustability for health reasons. And now, with all the tech available on today's frames, people who like to read or work in bed can have the world at their fingertips. Some of our adjustable frames and bases come with USB ports, nightlights, and more convenient extras. Make your bedroom into your own private retreat – a comfortable space for you to relax and unwind, in a bed that's truly yours.

Bed Bases That Are Anything But Basic

We've put together a collection of adjustable bed frames to fit just about any size or style of mattress. And, our frames are both sturdy and stylish. They won't disrupt your home décor – they're subtle and blend right in. Don't forget to check out our adjustable foundations which provide durable support for your mattress, as well as add to its longevity. But don't think we've sacrificed style for practicality. Our bed bases are sleek and discreet – they might not be the star of the show, but they give 100% to their job. Browse through our top-rated products for more!