Futon Mattresses

To us, futons mean two things – comfort and convenience. Today's futons are incredibly comfortable, due to manufacturer technologies that build in individually-wrapped coils and innersprings. With quilted or flocked tops and conforming back support, a futon mattress from Bed Bath & Beyond is sure to help you get a great night's sleep. And, with one of our frames, your mattress can play double-duty as a bed and a casual couch. That just sounds smart to us. The days of futons being relegated to college dorms are over. They're adult and modern and so are you.

Place holder

A futon mattress is an excellent and practical choice for your dorm room or first apartment. If you're short on space, the couch-and-bed combo makes a futon an easy choice. Futons are also easy on the budget, and even easier to move around. And we've chosen mattresses of the highest quality from top manufacturers, so when you're ready to move on from school or to a bigger space, you can bring your futon, too. We think they're a pretty cool piece to have in any home, and you'll be totally surprised at how easy they are to pack up and move. So check out our futons and find your new favorite piece of furniture!

Futons Fit In Every Room

Futons can work as a bed – which is why you need a great mattress – or a couch. Or both. This versatility makes them perfect for just about any room in the house. Think bedroom, living room, guest room, loft, or home office. The futon is one of our most versatile pieces of furniture and we love it! We've chosen our line of mattresses carefully to assure long-lasting comfort and durability. And, of course, they're super cozy, whether you're just hanging out or tucking in for the night. Once you've chosen your perfect futon mattress, check out our frames and covers for a custom look.