Fragrance & Body Mists

Fragrance is an essential part of your personal style; much like your makeup and wardrobe, it is another element of your multidimensional identity. Enhance your aura and make a lasting impression with a signature scent ? our selection of perfumes and body mist offers a potpourri of aromas designed to entice and delight. Carry your favorite scent with you when you're out and about with a perfume atomizer ? it's ideal for a quick freshening up. Use products such as a nourishing dry oil mist to nourish your skin or a fragrance mist to surround yourself with a subtle scent. Use refreshing body mist as a quick pick me up or relax with a calming mist; pair with matching body lotion or shower gel for long?lasting fragrance. Roller ball perfume is perfect for on?the?go fragrance touch?ups and great for travel too. Spray mist can be worn for any occasion; mist spray is a convenient way to apply a light clean fragrance to your body and clothing.