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Beard Care

Beard Care & Maintenance


A man’s facial hair says a lot about him, his personality, and his style. And from a classic close shave, to a goatee, to a waxed mustache, to a lumberjack beard…the styles are limitless. Whether you are thinking about growing out your facial hair or changing your style, or you are looking for products to help maintain your favorite style, Bed Bath & Beyond is your one-stop destination for beard care and beard maintenance products.



In order to get the great look you want for your beard, you need a great shave. And for a great shave, you need a quality razor and some quality shaving cream. Bed Bath & Beyond carries a variety of quality shaving creams and other pre-shaving products. For the ultimate pre-shaving collection, for example, check out the Crystal Peel Men’s Microdermabrasion Pre-Shave Collection Duo. The products in this collection gently exfoliate the skin, prevent razor bumps, and even prevent skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, and keratosis pilaris.


Washing and Styling

You wash your hair and your face, so why not wash your beard as well? A beard wash will clean and condition both your beard and the skin underneath it, leaving you looking and feeling great. For an all-natural, organic daily beard wash check out Beard Guyz 35 8 oz. Beard Daily Wash. And if you have a substantial beard, consider using a beard balm, butter, oil, or wax for styling.



Going gray? Coloring the hair on top of your head is only part of the solution. You want your beard to match. Bed Bath & Beyond has just the thing to bring the color you love back to your facial hair: Just for Men beard and mustache dye. Just for Men beard and mustache dyes come in various colors that match their hair dyes.