Nail & Foot Care

Tired, achy feet can ruin your day; when your feet hurt, your outlook suffers as well. Keep your feet relaxed and soothed in a foot bath ? once the province of spas, today many at?home spa tools feature heat and massage action to keep your feet happy; a paraffin wax bath gives your skin a more beautiful appearance by hydrating and soothing. Basic hygiene calls for neatly trimmed nails, best done with a manicure set that includes good quality nail clippers or an electronic nail trimmer. Buff away hard dry skin and calluses on your feet with a foot file ? models include hand?held manual files and electronic foot and nail care files; use a callus remover for problem areas. Treat yourself to a spa experience at home with a complete pedicure kit ? discover the latest in foot care products and enjoy happier feet. Solutions include heated foot massagers, foot moisturizers, foot repair creams, anti?fatigue socks, heel therapy, foot brushes, moisturizing socks, foot lotions and pedicure tools.