Brushing your teeth is one way to kill the germs that cause bad breath, but often regular brushing and flossing is not enough – for the best results, most dental health professionals recommend mouth rinse or mouth wash to help prevent and reduce plaque and gingivitis. With regular use, an antiseptic mouthwash can help to control plaque bacteria that contribute to the development of gingivitis and bleeding gums. Your oral health portfolio should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash to help keep teeth cleaner longer and freshen breath. Whether you seek kids mouthwash, whitening mouthwash, anticavity mouthwash, dry mouth oral rinse, alcohol-free mouthwash or breath strips, you’ll find a great selection at Bed Bath & Beyond. Browse any time for ideas and information; when you find solutions, use your smart phone or tablet to arrange for convenient delivery.

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Mouthwash or an oral rinse is not a substitute for brushing and flossing – it’s an additional tool in the fight against cavities, stained teeth and bad breath. Use it to help strengthen teeth enamel (anticavity dental rinse is essential protection for those who wear braces), prevent dry mouth, kill germs that lead to bad breath, plaque and gum disease, reach places in your mouth a brush or floss miss or can’t access, freshen breath and provide a deeper clean than brushing alone. Compare selections and enjoy great values on all the brands you love including Crest®, Listerine®, Smart Mouth™, Tom’s of Maine®, ACT®, Plax and Biotene®. Whether you seek a fluoride rinse, a plaque loosening rinse, anticavity dental rinse, fresh breath gum, moisturizing mouthwash, fresh breath lozenges, breath mist, anti-gingivitis rinse, pre-dental rinse or a whitening rinse, you’ll find it all in one place when you shop our oral care selection. Enjoy fresh breath and a healthy smile.