Sexual Wellness

There’s no “right” answer to this very personal question, but for many, a healthy sex life is essential to both one’s mental and physical health and well-being. Whether for emotional reasons, love, pleasure, procreation, recreation, stress relief or a host of other motivations, the reasons for sexual activity and satisfaction are unique and individual as you are.

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Many people enjoy lubricants, using them to alleviate dryness, manage sensitive skin, enhance sexual wellness and improve sexual play. When selecting a personal lubricant, it’s important to decide if a water-based or oil-based lubricant is appropriate. Silicone-based lubricants are safe for use with condoms, while if you are trying to conceive, a fertility-friendly personal lubricant is in order. Browse our selection any time for ideas; choose from massage creams and pleasure gels, vaginal moisturizer inserts, sensitive skin lubricants and more.Like everything else, it’s a matter of choice – for many, sexual wellbeing products include sex toys and lubricants designed to enhance sexual play and pleasure, while for others, it’s more about procreation or stress-relief. Much of your physical well-being begins in the mind; physical and sexual health can go hand-in-hand, and contribute to an overall sense of well-being. Explore and promote your sexual well-being when you browse any time from the privacy of home for ideas, information and inspiration.

What About Birth Control?

Much like your sex drive and motivation for sexual activity, the decision to practice contraception is specific and is driven by multiple factors including the desire to prevent unwanted pregnancies, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, to promote family planning and more. Need condoms? Whether you seek to prevent disease, rely on condoms for birth control or to enhance sexual pleasure, browse our extensive selection for ideas and options. Choose from non latex condoms, lubricated, studded, spermicidal, large and ribbed condoms, natural skin luxury condoms, assortment packs, value packs and more. We’ve got you covered.Fertility is often taken for granted, but for many, the ability to bear children requires extra effort and planning. Getting pregnant is as much about timing as it is about biology, which is why ovulation tests and pregnancy tests are important family planning tools. Whether you seek an early pregnancy indication, need assurance you are or are not pregnant, are managing fertility issues or simply want to double-check your status, a home pregnancy test or an ovulation test offers peace of mind. Choose from digital and early result pregnancy tests, physician-approved ovulation tests and more – arrange for convenient and discreet delivery direct to your door when you shop online.