Condoms are highly effective at preventing sexually transmitted disease and they are a popular form of contraception because they create a physical barrier that prevents transfer of bodily fluids and sperm which could lead to pregnancy. A condom is a portable, non-prescription immediate form of protection designed to be used before skin-to-skin contact occurs; use one “in the moment” to prevent sexually transmitted infections and reduce the risk of conception. Having an ample supply of condoms on hand helps to promote safe and responsible sex; browse our online selection any time to compare assortment packs and value packs and enjoy great values on popular brands such as Trojan®, Lifestyles®Skyn®, durex® and ONE®.

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Whether you count on condoms for contraception, protection from sexually transmitted infections and disease, to enhance sexual pleasure, or a combination of reasons, you’ve got options. Choose from a wide variety including studded, ultra-sensitive and ultra-thin, ribbed and studded, low-odor and spermicidal condoms, colored and glowing large condoms, and more. Note that condoms do have expiration dates and some people are allergic to latex or spermicide, so it’s important to experiment and find out what’s right for you and your partner. Variety is the spice of life – add some to your bedroom with a condom collection or an assortment and enjoy.

What Is The Difference Between Types Of Condoms?

Materials matter – should you be allergic or have sensitive skin, you may prefer latex free condoms; whether you select non-latex, latex or natural skin condoms, you’ll want to consider additional features such as whether they are lubricated, the type of lubrication, along with the size (tailored fit, large, etc.), in order to enjoy the best and most comfortable fit, protection and experience. Browse any time from the privacy of home for ideas, options and information – when you find what you like, skip the store and arrange for convenient delivery direct to your door.