Enhance intimate moments with a personal lubricant – it’s the modern way to enjoy lasting lubrication during close encounters. Silicone and other lubricants both moisturize and lubricate, enhancing the ease and comfort of sexual activities while supplementing the body’s natural lubrication. Enjoy natural-feeling comfort – lubricants are particularly helpful when using a condom or in instances of vaginal dryness.

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Silicone lubes and gels are the perfect way to tune up performance in the bedroom. Compare lubricants and gels from popular brands including Trojan®, Astroglide®, K-Y® and K-Y®, Good Clean Love; order online any time and arrange for convenient delivery direct to your door. Couples pleasure gel is designed for use during foreplay and intercourse can intensify sensations, heighten passion and enhance intimacy. Enjoy non-sticky, mess-free fun and spice things up with performance enhancers designed to improve your experience.

Silicone Vs. Water-Based Vs. Oil-Based

Personal lubricants may be water-based or oil-based. A silicone personal lubricant is safe for use with a condom – it’s important that you check the ingredients for condom compatibility when selecting an intimate lubrication product. Options include organic, vegan and gluten-free personal lubricants that are safe with latex, polyisoprene and toys, fragrance-free and non-greasy lubricants designed to be compatible with latex condoms, water-based lubricants that are compatible with natural rubber latex and polyurethane condoms, glycerin and paraben-free, sex-toy safe lubricant compatible with polyurethane condoms and more.Women have special needs and there are specific lubricants designed to satisfy your most intimate requirements – browse our selection any time for information and solutions. Perhaps you seek to conceive – when you are trying to get pregnant, a fertility-friendly personal lubricant provides antioxidant support for sperm and mimics your own fertile fluids; such lubricants are often used by fertility clinics. Looking for a safe and natural lubricant? Pink Water, often called pink lube, is a popular water-based personal lubricant that contains natural ingredients designed to minimize irritation and increase sensation; the water-based lubricant is ideal for women with sensitive skin.