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Bath Fizzies

You may be wondering what exactly tub fizzies are, and the answer is interesting. Basically, a bath fizzy is a combination of materials designed to effervesce in water; when a bath bomb dissolves it releases everything from essential oils, moisturizers, flower petals, colors, glitter or whatever else the ingenious creators have thought to include, which means that each bath experience will be unique. Bed Bath & Beyond has a nice selection of bath bombs, bubbling bath salts, bath melts, bubble bombs, bath truffles, aromatherapy shower tablets, artisan bath fizzies and similar bath enhancers designed to offer a spa bath experience. Browse any time for ideas and information; when you find what you like, use your tablet or smart phone to arrange for convenient delivery direct to your home and enjoy free shipping on orders over $29.

Place holder

With such an extensive selection, why bother – you can enjoy a custom bath experience at home any time when you shop online. Compare bubble bombs made with aloe vera and lemongrass, detoxifying bubbling bath salts, bath melts rich with cocoa butter and almond, bubble bombs with Epsom salt, Shea butter, honey, vanilla, relaxing lavender and more. A bath truffle set is the perfect Mother’s Day gift and a thoughtful hostess gift; treat yourself to a soothing bath and soak stress away with artisan-crafted tub and shower bombs.

Soak Away Aches and Pains

A long soak in a hot tub can work wonders – relax achy muscles, loosen stiff joints, reinvigorate tired backs and fatigued feet; aromatherapy shower tablets and effervescing bath products enhanced with Epsom salts can help reduce the aches and pains of colds and flu too. Kids love tub fizzies too – make a splash with fizzy tub colors water coloring tablets.