Body Lotion

Rough, dry, itchy skin can make you miserable, especially when the problem affects your hands and feet. Put an end to the discomfort with soothing hand cream ? choose from hand repair cream, moisturizing crŠme, healing lotion, hand salve, hand balm and more. Skin stays soft and supple with body butter ? the intense moisturizer helps to heal dry, rough skin by locking in moisture; mothers?to?be nourish and moisturize skin with extra rich belly butter. Enjoy smooth, soft and healthy skin by using body lotion on a daily basis. Hydrating body creams and lotions leave skin feeling soft and beautiful ? enhanced with rich cocoa butter, natural Shea butter, essential oils and more, there are formulations designed for sensitive, dry or combination skin. Browse our selection of organic body cream, lotion, butter, oil and salve and enjoy. Compare classics such as Shea body butter along with specialty solutions such as eczema therapy moisturizing cream and soften your touch.