Fireplaces & Accessories

Fireplaces are a favorite addition for many home seekers. They add charm, character and other benefits. Check out Bed Bath & Beyond to find all of the fireplace accessories you need.

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"They are great for ambiance, but they also offer practical help if the power goes out, and you are waiting for the utility company to restore full power to the house. You can still huddle together around the fireplace while you wait for the heat and light to come on. Check out Yankee Candle® 12-Count Kindle Candle® Firestarters to get the fire going quick.

If you have a wood-burning stove or open-hearth fireplace, you can break out the fireplace tools and use it for cooking. Again – even if the power’s out, you can still boil water and cook other simple meals. If you have a source of free or low-cost wood, you’ve got a great way to heat your house, and an eco-friendly way to cut energy costs. Bed Bath &Beyond carries a ranges of fire wood holders. Check out ShelterLogic® Covered Firewood Rack to keep everything organized. "

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Warm & Cozy
"Fireplaces are cozy. Reading or talking in front of a real fire is scrumptious…especially on chilly evenings. For those of us living in an apartment or house without a fireplace, there’s an easy solution. Bed Bath & Beyond carries a selection of electric fireplaces. Check out Real Flame® Frederick Electric Fireplace for a warm addition to any living space. "

Safety First!
"Fireplaces have a reputation for being unsafe. If you remember a few safety measures, yours can be a safe home amenity. Make sure you have the proper tools handy every time it's used. It's also important to have your chimney cleaned regularly. Only burn recommended materials ? no plastics or glossy papers. Wood that burns slowly is better than a crackling, quick burn. Always remember to use the fireplace screen when the fire is going. Stay safe and enjoy. "