Accent Mirrors

Whether you live in a tiny home or a mansion, decorating with mirrors is a designer trick that works in any space. Artfully placed, it can open up a room, making it feel larger and lighter than it actually is because mirrors reflect light. Have a great view? Make the most of it by placing a mirror so that it reflects and expands the view. Seek to downplay an unattractive architectural feature or mediocre view? Use multiple mirrors to create a focal point that draws the eye and reflects your personal style.

Place holder

Make the most of your belongings and give your treasured keepsakes pride of place – this is one reason mirrored curio cabinets and display cases are favored by museums and collectors – they allow you to see every angle to fully appreciate the beauty of artful objects and prized collections. Place a mirror above your dining room console or buffet to showcase your good crystal and fine china; it will reflect overhead light from the chandelier, enhancing the ambience of any occasion. Accent and foyer mirrors welcome guests to your home and make any entrance feel grand; fashionable and functional, a foyer mirror lets you check your appearance as you walk out the door.

Modern Mirrors Make an Impression

Wall mirrors come in every shape and size – shop our selection any time for ideas and design inspiration; choose from square, round, oval, rectangular and free form mirrors along with mirrored wall sculptures, window mirrors and sunburst mirrors – the options are many and the décor opportunities endless. Perhaps the most important part is the frame – the ideal frame defines the shape of the mirror and distinguishes your decor. Quatrefoil mirrors in interesting finishes are a modern take on classic style; baroque mirrors add an alluring look to any wall. Sets with one large and one small accent mirror, or a matched set of mirrors complete the look of any room.