Dutch Ovens & Braisers

Dutch ovens are cooking pots with tight fitting lids that are perfect for slow cooking roasts and casseroles. Cocottes, braisers & casserole dishes all feature side handles for easy lifting and control while stirring. Lids retain steam & heat when cooking or braising contents. Available from reliable designers & brands including Le Creuset?, Mario Batali & All?Clad?. Dutch ovens are perfect for cooking smoked barbecue beans, pork ragu, chicken fricassee and even for making salted caramel popcorn. Accomplished home cooks and gourmet chefs alike rely on the benefits of slow cooking in a casserole because it is such a forgiving way to cook. Getting married? Add a braiser or Dutch oven to your wedding registry and enjoy consistently and beautifully cooked tender and flavorful recipes together.