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Cooking with cast iron has many benefits ? a cast iron fry pan or pot distributes heat evenly and then retains heat, which keeps food warm throughout the meal even if the pan is removed from the cooking surface; cast iron cooking pots and pans go from stove-top or oven to tabletop effortlessly, which results in an authentic artisanal presentation coupled with less clean-up. Useful for almost any cooking task (from frying eggs to popping corn, baking cornbread or cooking chili), a well-seasoned cast iron skillet allows you to cook with less oil because it offers a natural non-stock surface. Durable and thermally efficient cast iron delivers heat evenly and retains heat regardless of heat source, including induction. Browse our selection of cast iron cookware any time for ideas, information and healthy cooking solutions; arrange for convenient delivery using your tablet or smart phone. Choose from pre-seasoned cast iron covered skillets, enamel clad cast iron bakeware, cast iron grill pans, griddles, muffin pans, traditional cast iron cornbread pans, cast iron roasters, saucepans, casseroles, skillet sets, bacon pans, fajita pans, bean pots, mini cocottes and more.

A cast iron Dutch oven is perfect for slow-cooking and makes it easy to produce tasty stews, roasts and casseroles because it locks in the optimal amount of moisture to deliver tender, flavorful results. Good quality pans are an essential ingredient for a well-stocked kitchen; an investment in a well-made cast iron pot or pan will pay dividends over time as you enjoy years of use. Popular brands such as Le Creuset? and Staub, known for premium quality, colorful cast iron enamel clad cookware, are Wedding Registry favorites and a great gift for the novice or accomplished home cook as well as the aspiring gourmet cook.