Kitchen Storage Solutions

An orderly pantry, counters, cabinets and drawers may seem like something you only see on television or in magazines, but the fact is, with proper organization, you can create more storage space in your kitchen and enjoy a beautiful and more functional room. A cluttered kitchen makes it difficult to find what you need, which often means you buy duplicates or triplicates because you can’t see what you already own, thus compounding the problem. Now is the perfect time to take stock, create a plan to cut clutter and proceed to streamline your kitchen storage.

Place holder

Once you’ve whittled down the pile, know what you have and want to keep, browse our kitchen storage solutions with an eye to applying order to chaos; kitchen organization is easier when you can see clear examples of how to address common storage problems. Compare solutions such as refrigerator and cabinet storage bins, kitchen racks and storage organizers, bamboo closet organizers, lazy Susans, under sink storage drawers, spice racks, lid organizers, utensil trays, airtight canisters, stackable shelves, pull-out trash cans and more. Innovative streamlined storage solutions make life easier so you can enjoy your kitchen.

Take Stock, Then Shop

No doubt you store all your socks and underwear in the same place, so you can grab them and dress in a hurry – that’s the concept behind storing like items together; pots and pans, spices, cleaning supplies, utensils and so on – group them together and take inventory. Discard or donate items you no longer use (dry food and canned goods can go to a food pantry), make sure each pot has a lid, check for damaged goods in need of replacement, odd dishes and glasses you don’t need and so on. We tend to hang on to things we no longer need or use – a new broom sweeps clean. Less stuff means less to clean, store and organize, and more time to spend with family.