Pasta Shop

Making a delicious meal of homemade pasta is the perfect way to bring your family together. With a pasta maker, you can make your own spaghetti and noodles and you will know exactly what ingredients you put into them. If you would like a healthier option, you can try a Vegetable Spiralizer. This is similar to a pasta machine, but instead of using dough, it turns vegetables into spaghetti. In order to cook the pasta to be al dente, it is crucial that you use a pasta pot. These pots are deep and perfect for long spaghetti noodles so they can be completely submerged in the boiling water to cook. Once you make your pasta,whether you opt for homemade or store bought, be sure to serve it in style. Pasta bowls are shallower than soup bowls, perfect for filling your bowl to the brim with spaghetti and sauce. Complete your kitchen with supplies from the Pasta Shop at Bed Bath & Beyond.