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Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Kitchen tools & gadgets offer a wide variety of specialized accessories that work great for any kitchen. Measuring tools, mixing & prep bowls, choppers, colanders, graters, can openers, meat tenderizers and tons more can be found here. No matter the job, has the cooking instrument you need.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Tools for the Job
Whether you are an accomplished chef or simply enjoy cooking your favorite meals for family and friends, kitchen tools and gadgets can help make meal preparation easier and more efficient. From measuring cups to graters and peelers, has the proper tools and gadgets to suit every purpose and level of expertise.

Gadget Guidance
Modern tools and gadgets take the stress out of creating healthy and delicious meals by making meal preparation and clean up a breeze. Practical and affordable, tools like cutting boards, peelers, and can openers not only simplify any task, but make cutting, peeling, and chopping chores manageable and easy. Get inspired by a spiralizer to make fun and healthy alternatives to pasta, or create a spectacular fruit salad using tools like a melon baller or corer. No matter what’s on your menu, has the right tools and gadgets to optimize your time, so you won’t feel like you’re spending the entire day in the kitchen.

Baked to Perfection
When it comes to baking, no matter if you are an experienced baker or a novice, you’ll need the proper tools to help measure, mix, and roll your way to the tastiest results. Whether it is cupcakes for the classroom or a layered birthday cake for your best friend, check out to transform your kitchen into a baker’s paradise. Simple tools like spatulas, measuring spoons, thermometers, and silicone mats from popular brands like Artisanal Kitchen Supply, Wilton, OXO, Real Simple, and Mrs. Anderson’s Baking can help you create stunning, professional-looking desserts for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Have an Ice Day
Keep the easy breezy feeling of summer alive all year round by creating and serving your favorite frozen desserts, from ice cream and ice pops, to smoothies and more. Effortlessly create small batches of delicious gourmet ice cream with an ice cream maker, or transform your favorite fruits and juices into sweet and delicious frozen treats using a set of silicone molds. Keep beverages chilled with a splash of whimsy using ice cubes made from silicone molds. From makers like Tavolo, OXO and Zoku, these molds come in a variety of shapes and styles, from playful to sophisticated, and will create batches of perfect ice cubes. Sure to be a conversation starter at your next party or special occasion, freeze fruits or herbs in the cubes for an elevated chill.

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