Thermometers & Timers

Time and temperature are essential to safe and flavorful cooking; items simply must be cooked properly (at a high enough temperature for a long enough time) to avoid illness, which is why food thermometers and timers are the tools that every cook – novice or professional – should use regularly. Browse our extensive selection at any time for cooking thermometers and digital timers along with ideas, information and food-safe solutions you’ll use each time you prepare a meal.

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Whether hosting dinner and cocktail parties, becoming a confectioner, baking healthy bread, roasting meats and poultry, or simply guaranteeing your oven temperature is correct, you’ll be cooking like a professional with your kitchen thermometer at your side. Seek the perfect pasta? A kitchen timer gets you one step closer to perfection because every minute counts when you want al dente instead of overcooked. Tired of green eggs when you hard boil? Egg timers help keep yolks yellow and are ideal when you want to poach eggs too.

Choose The Right Tool For The Task

Want to whip up something especially fancy? Create a decadent dessert masterpiece using deep fry or candy thermometers; meat thermometers help you craft the most delicious roast entrées that melt in your mouth – no matter what you’re cooking up, it’s sure to be perfection. Baking cookies or bread? Baking is particularly temperature sensitive, and many ovens vary, so an oven thermometer is a great way to ensure your oven is heated to the exact temperature you need, and that it maintains the correct temperature over time. Minutes matter – use a kitchen timer to help prevent burnt cookies or dried out cakes. Make your job even easier with a digital, instant-read thermometer, or stick to the basics with an analog thermometer, either way no one will be leaving the table disappointed. Compare pop-out turkey timers, oven thermometers, candy and deep fry ruler thermometers, cooking probes, roasting thermometers, grill thermometers and more.