Knives & Cutlery

Whether you?re taking a stab at cooking for the first time or you are a seasoned pro, culinary success can be found using a simple recipe. It is equal parts following directions, not following directions, and the using right tools for the job. That?s why a well-made knife set makes all the difference. Find the perfect cutlery for whatever task is at hand, and whatever budget you have, at

The Cutting edge
Featuring a wide selection of kitchen knives from around the world, you can choose from individual pieces, starter sets or block sets that include everything you need to make gourmet meals.

Chef?s Knife
Among th e essential knives important to have in your kitchen arsenal is a good chef knife. This is your basic, classic knife, and the most versatile of the pack; it can be used daily for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing.

Utility Knife
A utility knife is a multipurpose knife that is great for everyday tasks, such as cutting sandwiches and slicing meat

Paring Knife
Every kitchen needs a paring knife, which is ideal for smaller precision tasks, such as peeling, trimming and slicing small fruits and vegetables.

Serrated Bread Knife
You may not ever cut a freshly baked loaf of bread or a crusty baguette?although we hope you do?but a serrated bread knife is also an excellent tool for cutting tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Santoku Knife
Combining the features of a cleaver and a chef's knife, the Santoku knife is a multipurpose knife that minces dices, chops and slices. It?s a great alternative for the cook who wants to perform every duty with a single knife. The Santoku can also be used to slice through carrots, potatoes and other firm vegetables. A fantastic way to impress your guests is a well-appointed steak knife. Whether you like a serrated blade or a straight-edge, steak knives are the only sharp cutlery that are part of your place setting, so choose a steak knife set that reflect your lifestyle and personality, and will enhance your dining table experience.

Carving Knife
A carving knife is not just for Thanksgiving photo ops, it?s excellent all year round for slicing cooked meats, poultry and fish. It?s also known for its long, thin blade that easily cuts a roast, steak, turkey or ham into neat, even, thin slices. To remove the meat from the bone before it?s cooked, only a good boning knife will do. Its narrow blade curves inward to offer the precision and control you need to remove meat, poultry or fish from the bone.

To cut through large cuts of raw meat, only a sturdy meat cleaver will do. A heavyweight cleaver can cut right through meat bones and poultry bones with a single downward stroke.

Blade Buying 101
The large selection of knives and cutlery at includes a variety of blades to choose from, such as carbon steel blades, stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel, ceramic and VG10 steel. With special features to ease and enhance meal preparation, choose the right precision balanced hilt, versatility, rivets and full tang for your needs. These knives are often sold in sets, but can also be purchased individually. A nice set may include a wood knife block to hold your knives and help prevent damage. A wood block is not just a handsome way to display your knives, but will protect the blades and increase their lifespan however you wish to collect them; you can find the perfect knife for your kitchen at

Sharpest Tools in the Shed
While you may not know the tang from the bolster, you should know that a sharp knife is easier to use, and paradoxically safer, than a dull blade. Keep those knives sharp and ready for use with honing steel from the cutting edge collection at Be sure to get yourself a decent cutting board, too, to protect your knives, not to mention your countertops and fingers from cuts and scrapes.
If you are about to register for a wedding , engagement or housewarming, be sure to add a beautiful cutlery set to your list. Always a good investment, a decent set of knives will last for many years to come. Either a beautiful set of steak knives or a proper chef?s knife make a wonderful gift for someone special for any occasion, and a good knife lasts a lifetime. Any way you slice it, the right knife or cutlery set for you can be found