A kitchen essential that can be used for not just smoothies, a blender is a must for anyone who loves the convenience of what this handy kitchen appliance has to offer. Finding the perfect one for your needs is a cinch thanks to the vast selection of hand and traditional blenders, and single-serve blenders for on-the-go use available at Getting married? Use the wedding registry to get all the small appliances you’ll need as you begin your new life together; a good quality blender is the perfect wedding gift.Convenience at The Touch Of A Button Incorporating a smoothie into your diet is easy with use of one of the many personal blenders available online at For making tasty drinks in bulk, investing in a 7-cup blender allows for making smoothies, cocktails and refreshing fruit juice blends in large batches that you can reserve for later. Or, if enjoying a breakfast smoothie is how you like to start your day, but you’re on a time crunch, a single serve blender from brands like MagicBullet? NutriBullet?, Nutri Ninj, Oster?, or KitchenAid? are designed to blend fruit, vegetable and powders in a handy travel cup container that you can take off the blender and take with you. These are perfect for those who want to enjoy a healthy shake at the gym or during the morning commute.Gone are the days where you will spend time hand chopping up food to make smoothies in order to maintain healthy eating habits. Just place everything inside the blender’s glass pitcher or single-serve container, place the lid on top, and press a button to let the blades do all the work for you. All that’s left to do is pour into a glass and enjoy. More than Just Smoothies Blenders aren’t limited to making drinks. Combine ingredients in a 10-speed blender to make soup, salsa, gravy, pesto or sauce for a variety of recipes. Functions like pulse, quick chop, grate, grind, liquefy and crush create the perfect consistency to suit your preferences and also cut down on prep-time in the kitchen, which is especially helpful during the holidays or when you’re hosting a party. You’ll be inspired to experiment with different recipes that call for using your blender just for the sheer fun of watching all the ingredients be transformed into something tasty. Become Immersed in Cooking If you love using tools that professional chefs depend on to make masterful dishes, and that also cut down on food prep, investing in a hand blender is a great idea. is stocked with hand blenders that can be used to blend ingredients right on the stovetop as you cook. What makes them so handy is their extended upright design that fits inside deep pots and their mobility in terms of being easily maneuvered. Typically made with stainless steel blades, hand or immersion blenders or stick blenders as they are also known, are great for pureeing soups and sauces, blending ingredients for dips and condiments, chopping nuts and even making baby food. Helpful attachments like a whisk or masher add to the convenience of owning an immersion blender. Plus, they are compact, lightweight, and offer the superior functionality of a kitchen blender in a smaller size. Whether you love saving time in the kitchen by cutting down on food prep, or enjoy making frozen smoothies, milkshakes, baby food, sauces, gravy, and more, purchasing a blender from is an excellent investment that will inspire you to experiment with various combinations of food