Trash Cans

The hardest working item in your kitchen isn?t the stove or refrigerator. It?s your trash can. The kitchen workhorse serves an important purpose to keep the area neat, clean and odor-free. Practical isn?t always pretty, but you don?t have to sacrifice aesthetics for function. Check out the sleek, stylish and sturdily-built kitchen trash cans we have to offer at

Choose the Right Material
Stainless steel with an antimicrobial coating for protecting the can, and finger-proof coating are great options for a kitchen trash can. It will endure years of use without looking worn out, while the sleek exterior adds shine to your d‚cor. Traditional plastic garbage cans typically come in white, black or grey. The neutral colors fit nearly any kitchen, and plastic cans cost a lot less than stainless steel.

Optimal odor control starts with the design of your trash can. A solid frame won?t let leaks out if the liner inside were to break. Avoid mesh or wire wastebaskets, as these are better suited for a bathroom or home office. A tight fitting, air-tight lid will keep odors contained ? and also keep curious toddlers and pets at bay. Some garbage cans have a charcoal liner or filter under the lid to absorb smells before they have a chance to escape. A built-in carbon filter can also neutralize odor. Stainless steel don?t absorb odors over time, which helps to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and oh-so-clean.

Size Matters
Kitchen trash and recycling bins cans come in all sizes and shapes. Rectangular is the most common shape, as it provides a large opening to limit spills and tucks easily into a corner. A semi-round shape sits flush against a wall for an unobtrusive profile. Some garbage cans are thin to fit tight, narrow spaces, while others are short to stand inside a cabinet or under the sink. Consider where you want your trash can to live and seek a model that will fit that space.

Hands-Free Disposal
Are you a frequent cook whose hands are often messy while prepping food? A step-to-open pedal or motion-activated senor makes opening the lid convenient and clean when your hands are full or dirty. If you take your trash out regularly, an open top is a fine option. A swing top or lift top works for smaller spaces or households that dine out more than they eat in. For a selection of trash cans with convenient features, check out

Capacity Counts
Most freestanding kitchen trash cans are between 10-13 gallons, and accommodate a standard tall 13 gallon garbage bag. Large capacities are better for larger households and busy kitchens, so you?re not taking the trash out too often (and running through garbage bags). Under-cabinet trash cans are generally 7 gallons or less.
To make quicker work of replacing trash bags, look for cans with interior pockets to keep liners handy.

If you?re a recycler, save space in your kitchen with a dual-compartment trash can that offers separate sections for trash and recyclables. Some dual-compartment cans have foot pedals for opening each lid individually; others place recyclable items in a separate drawer underneath the trash receptacle.

Keep it Clean
When spills or messes happen you?ll want to get them as soon as possible. A smooth frame is easier to clean than one with ridges and grooves in it. A liner or a latch that holds the garbage bag in place without slipping will help prevent messes, and keep the inside of the trash can clean.