Luxury Bath Towels & Rugs

You bathe or shower daily – have you ever given it a second thought? Transform everyday activities from routine to rejuvenating when you invest in luxury bath towels and accessories designed to enhance the beauty of your home and your well-being– enjoy a spa-like experience every day. Outfitting your master bathroom, family bath, powder room or guest bath with premium quality towels and rugs makes a difference, and the difference is in the details. Distinguish your home with luxury bath textiles and make a statement – you deserve it.

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Quality is all about details – the type of materials, the level of craftsmanship, the attention focused on every aspect of production; such details require a higher level of commitment by the manufacturer to ensure you get the very best. Browse our selection of premium bath rugs and towels from respected makers such as Wamsutta® and Kassatex and discover the difference; compare towels made of the finest Turkish cotton, linen twist bath rugs and more. Turkish cotton is durable yet has an ultra-soft plush hand; it is exceptionally absorbent and ideally suited for toweling and bath rugs.

Enjoy Luxury Underfoot

Step out of your bath or shower onto a plush bath mat and enjoy opulence and luxury. Soft, comfortable and absorbent, a premium quality bath rugs adds function and style to your bathroom. Treat guests to a spa-like experience when you outfit your guest bath or powder room with luxurious hand and bath towels – your thoughtfulness will make a lasting impression. Affordable luxuries enhance the quality of daily life; they also make your home more beautiful. Treat yourself and your family to hotel-quality bath textiles they’ll enjoy every day, for far less than it costs to spend even one night in a luxury hotel. Take the plunge – enjoy.