Wamsutta® Collection Chatham Napkin
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Wamsutta® Collection Chatham Napkin
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    Wamsutta® Collection Chatham Napkin

    Luxury Napkins

    Enjoy a touch of luxury at your table and feel good about doing so – when you invest in cloth napkins, you make a difference. Single use paper towels and disposable napkins may be convenient, but they are not very classy, nor are they friendly to the planet – one use and they’re trashed. Reusable cloth napkins may be laundered and used time and again, plus they add color, texture and style to your table; use luxury cloth napkins to transform any meal into a special occasion.

    Place holder

    Dress to impress – set a beautiful table with luxury napkins and showcase your fine china and good silver. Napkins are always appropriate, whether you are planning to dine at the dinner table, dining room table, on placemats at the kitchen table, at the kitchen counter or simply want to enjoy a relaxing breakfast in bed. Cloth napkins are useful for wrapping rolls, bread and other baked goods, lining baskets and wrapping around a wine or water bottle to catch drips; they add color and class to your table and, with proper care, last a very long time. Compare selections from respected brands such as Wamsutta® and Garnier-Thiebaut and shop with confidence.

    Discover the Difference

    If you’ve never shopped for cloth napkins before, you want to know what to look for when selecting premium quality cloth napkins. Natural cotton, stain-resistant linen, or a cotton/linen blend are the top choices when you seek luxury and durability; such napkins are machine washable and may be hung to dry – drape over a hanger and smooth them out while still damp so that minimal ironing will be necessary. Look for details including crisp jacquard borders and damask patterns to add another element of style; attention to detail and fine tailoring ensures the napkins will fold nicely and lay flat without rolling.