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Luggage Sets

Begin your travel adventures with a good quality luggage set and take a vacation from struggles with mismatched, cumbersome bags and heavy totes. Matching luggage makes you look and feel like a travel pro even if it's your first time away from home; this is perhaps why a set of better luggage is such a popular graduation gift. The modern way to move is with a rolling travel set ? it takes the weight off your arms and shoulders and lets the wheel do the work. Some sets include wheeled duffels and carry?on bags; wheeled bags and luggage may be either hardside or softside construction. When selecting a new set of luggage it can be a good idea to choose a distinctive color or print which will be readily distinguishable on a baggage carousel. Unless you plan to check your bag, be sure to determine if your new bag will meet airline carry?on regulations when selecting new luggage.