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Headphones & Earbuds

Give the gift of quality listening and shop Bed Bath & Beyond Audio Gifts. The quality of music stems can vary greatly depending on the type of earbuds that you have. There are a variety of types of headphones to choose from, and knowing the intended use can help you choose the perfect pair. In?ear headphones and small and compact, perfect for travel and athletics. Running with large headphones would be uncomfortable. Headphones that sit comfortably in your ear and designed to stay put during activities and are small enough to bring with you on a trip. Over the ear headphones wrap around your ear instead of sitting inside your ear. This can make them more comfortable with a better fit and sturdy structure, helping they stay put during movement. On?ear headphones can be ideal for blocking out noise, making them perfect for plane rides or when your surroundings are noisy. Noise?reducing headphones allow you to better hear and appreciate your favorite tunes. A quality pair of headphones will be the perfect gift for any music lover!