Bird Baths & Feeders

Nothing adds charm to your lawn or garden quite like a lovely birdbath or bird feeder. And at Bed Bath & Beyond you will find a variety of bird feeders that bring nature to yard. Any child, birdwatcher, or nature lover will tell you there's nothing as interesting or magical as when a bird comes to visit your feeder or birdbath, and you will be in awe of nature's beauty and grace. Find everything from simple bird feeders to effective, yet elegant, squirrel?proof bird feeders at Beautiful backyard decorative stone birdbaths complete the wide selection you will find. Don?t forget to pick up an electric birdbath ice eliminators, perfect for migrating birds in autumn and early spring. Bring the birds right to your window with a window bird feeder, so you can see the beauty of these magnificent creatures. Find the perfect bird feeder and bird bath for your yard, or perhaps for a bird lover in your life, at