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Outdoor Clocks and Thermometers

While you may be conditioned to reach for your cell phone, when you’re outside in the sun or the rain, an analog clock makes it easy to determine the time without lifting a finger. Outdoor wall clocks add fashionable flair and function to your deck, porch or patio; they are great by the pool and add style to a gazebo, greenhouse or outdoor seating area. Bed Bath & Beyond has an extensive selection of all-weather and indoor-outdoor garden clocks designed to enhance the beauty of your home. Compare easy to read analog wall clocks, clocks with humidity and temperature gauges, clocks with Arabic or Roman numerals, clock and thermometer sets, time and temperature centers and more. An outdoor timepiece is an elegant addition to any home and a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Place holder

Many conversations begin with the weather – be it record-breaking temperatures, high winds or torrential downpours, there’s always something to say about the heat or the humidity. Say it with style when you outfit your home or garden with an outdoor thermometer. Keep track of the temperature and the humidity with a combination thermometer/hygrometer and be prepared for whatever the weather offers. Hang a decorative wall thermometer on a fence, post or wall to add decorative flair and function to any outdoor space.


The art of telling time began with the sun, and an artful sundial tracks the movement of the sun with beauty and precision. Seek the perfect gift for a gardener – a sundial and pedestal set are certain to be appreciated; they are sculpture that works. Add elegance and style to your garden with a sundial or moon dial and experience the passing of time in the traditional way. Take a moment to reflect and enjoy. Time is fleeting – make the most of it.