Cups & Mugs

Entertaining family, friends and business associates may be something you do often or just on special occasions. Either way, custom mugs make any occasion more memorable. When you serve using glassware bearing your initials or monogram it makes an impression; many of the finest hotels and luxury resorts use personalized mugs and glassware to distinguish their establishments, raise the bar on elegance and make an impression. Raise the bar on your in?home entertaining with personalized cups and glassware embellished with your monogram or initial and make every event more meaningful; personalized glasses also make a memorable engagement, wedding, anniversary, business or housewarming gift. The addition of sand?etched or engraved initials to glassware adds an elegant, personal touch that distinguishes your affair and adds another dimension to entertaining; it reflects pride in your family name. Enjoy the satisfaction of drinking beverages in glassware bearing your personal monogram.