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The market for pet supplies has grown astronomically in the last decade, with more consumers demanding only the best for their beloved furry and feathery companions. The product category now includes anything and everything, from basic essentials, like training treats and water bowls, to smart appliances, such as Ring and Google Nest. Quality dog and cat supplies, such as dog beds and cat scratch posts, from Bed Bath & Beyond are manufactured with durable, pet-safe materials, allowing them to sustain a great deal of abuse from your pet/s without breaking or wearing out.

Since pet products, like chew toys and full body harnesses, come into contact with your pet, whether it's by mouth or bare skin, it is essential to find and choose only the best options possible to avoid any health complications. Bed Bath & Beyond carries luxury dog beds from trusted brands. You can find memory foam beds that provide luxurious support, comfort, and durability for your pet, which can be a great option for older pets with back or joint problems. The beds come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small beds that accommodate pets of up to 50 pounds to extra-large beds that cater to dogs weighing 250+ pounds or more. If you are shopping for a feline companion, deluxe window cat perches and vegan fur round pet beds are also available.

Toys are a big part of your pet's day-to-day routine. It's a good way to provide mental stimulation for your pet(s). It keeps them physically moving and occupied, and it affords you some "Me" time at home. The product category for pet toys is perhaps the biggest subset within the market. The wide selection comes with classic options, such as squeaky balls and frisbees, as well as uniquely designed puzzles that challenge your pet, like treat balls and nesting tunnel beds.

Your pet's safety is perhaps the most important aspect of pet ownership. But as much as you'd want to keep tabs on what your pet is doing, work and other responsibilities simply don't allow you to monitor them 24/7. This is where smart home appliances come in handy. These pet essentials come in sleek and compact designs, so you can install them wherever your pet usually hangs out while you are away. For added safety while you're gone, use a smart lighting outlet to plug your camera in. Indoor and outdoor cameras from trusted brands, like Amazon, are available with high-definition resolution as well as long-lasting battery life.

Bed Bath & Beyond's large selection of pet-related home improvement products cater to all species of pets, not just dogs and cats. You can find small animal supplies, including smart security cameras, for your birds, hamsters, and fish. Most products, including bird supplies, from Bed Bath & Beyond may be available for free shipping or Same Day Delivery. We also occasionally offer discounts on select cat and dog supplies, so you and your pets can enjoy the same top-quality products from best-loved brands without paying high prices.