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Your home decor shows your sense of style and personality and plays a vital role in setting the mood. A well-decorated house increases your space's aesthetic appearance and lessens your anxiety and stress. You might have a general decorating style for your house, but since each room has a different purpose, it's best to shop by room for decor materials, accessories, and accents.

There are several living room ideas that you can consider to create a classic, cozy, contemporary, and colorful space. Paint the wall with a mid-tone color. For a more modern feel, you can choose a couple of color shades. Throw some vibrant jewel-toned throw pillows on your furniture to add liveliness to the room. Choose a bold colored wallpaper and a patterned rug to add texture and warmth to the room. A well-designed bedroom with relaxing hues promotes a good night's sleep. Some bedroom ideas include choosing a strategic place to position the bed and choosing a cohesive color pattern and comfy bedding. Use a bright hue if you're a morning person and darker shades if you're a night owl. You can use mirrors to create a gallery wall pattern that adds more light to the bedroom. Personalize the room with your favorite artwork, get crisp pillowcases for your bed, and include a statement chandelier. Other room decor ideas for this space include adding a reading chair, a bench, or an ottoman to create a cozy corner.

There are multiple kitchen decor ideas you can consider to create a classic or sleek, updated, and modernly designed space. Start by adding a fresh layer of paint and consider bold shades. Add stylish light fixtures above the cabinet and countertops. Gather frequently used kitchen items in a shallow basket or trays. Arrange boldly colored stools to create stylish island seating. Hang vintage aprons and colored kitchen towels neatly and use the small cabinets between shelves to display décor pieces. Place a rug under the table and chairs to define the dining area. Other dining room ideas include hanging a pendant light over the table and using different furniture styles along with patterned wallpaper or family photos on the walls.

Check out modern bathroom ideas that include adding some live plants, a vanity, and vintage rugs. Use some amazing home office ideas for inspiration to create a professional space that promotes productivity. This includes hanging an inspiration board and hanging succulent free-floating wall plants here and there. Kids' room ideas include installing cabinets and storage racks at just the right height for them. Include glow-in-the-dark moon and stars on the ceiling and hang pictures, postcards, and artwork on the walls. Whether you use your outdoor spaces for entertainment or relaxation, we offer several outdoor patio ideas you can use to personalize your space. Include a fire pit, some string lights, and a lush garden wall.

Bed Bath & Beyond offers lots of room ideas, decor, and accessories to transform your space no matter your budget.