Sleepaway Camp

Going to sleepaway camp this summer? Whether you are heading to a cabin in the woods, staying in a tent on a lake or a taking over a dorm down south, you?ll want all the comforts of home to make your camp experience the very best. No doubt you?ve made a list of everything you?ll need and checked the camp requirements too (most camps issue a checklist of must-haves, but don?t forget about the nice-to-haves); remember that in addition to supplying clothing, bedding and gear, you?ll need a place to store it all, so organization is key. Browse our camp-worthy collection of closet organizers for ideas, information and space-saving solutions you?ll enjoy using at camp or at home; arrange for easy delivery from your tablet or smart phone. Compare shoe organizers, innovative clothes hangers, stacking drawers, storage totes and bins, accessory organizers, hanging jewelry organizers and more. Something else to consider is the bathrooms ? most likely you?ll be showering down the hall or in a shared environment, which means you?ll need to tote your stuff and store it when not in use. If you?re sharing a bathroom in a dorm or cabin, bathroom accessories sets make it easy to house toiletries and grooming supplies; a mesh shower tote or plastic shower caddy, shower shoes and a cover-up are essential if you?ll be bathing off-site, and don?t forget bathroom towels ? you?ll need more than one, so you always have a clean and dry towel to use. When nature calls you?ll want to be able to see the way to the latrines ? a battery-operated lantern or flashlight is a must have; a lighted bathroom mirror is a handy accessory. Don?t forget ? you?ll need to do laundry ? laundry bags are always useful and pop-up laundry hampers are great for storing all kinds of stuff like extra sheets and a waterproof mattress protector.