Camp Bath & Personal Care

Packing for summer camp? Whether you are going to a sleep over or spending the summer abroad, you?ll need toiletries, towels and personal care products. Use the camp checklist as a guide, then make a pass through your bedroom and bathroom to decide what grooming and personal care essentials you can?t live without. Perhaps it?s a magnifying mirror or cotton swabs ? don?t assume you?ll be able to get much of anything while you are away, especially if you?ll be in a remote location. Browse our sleepaway camp selection any time for ideas, information and handy solutions; arrange for convenient delivery using your tablet or smart phone. Begin with the basics ? a bath towel, shower shoes, shower caddy, soap case, toothbrush case, toothbrush, grooming kit and disposable razors are essential, and a flashlight or lantern is a must have if you are camping or using shared bathing and toilet facilities. In addition to your favorite skin care products you?ll want tissues and sanitizing wipes along with bandages and antibiotic ointment or a small first aid kit. Don?t forget to pack a brush and comb along with hair care products such as the shampoo and conditioner you normally use; a headband, hair clip and hair elastics are essential for dancers, athletes and hot summer weather. Should you be camping or out in the woods, insect repellant, allergy tablets and anti-itch cream along with some tweezers for splinters can be extremely helpful. Sleep over personal care supplies can be as minimal as a toothbrush and pajamas, but who wants to ask for toothpaste and other necessaries? Stock a travel kit with sample size personal care products and you?ll never be left wanting. Worried about blemishes? Keep your skin squeaky clean with acne wash foaming scrub and facial cleanser. A fresh-faced camper is a happy camper.