Camp Bedding

Summer camp can be the best, but the sleeping part can sometimes be the worst because you?re not in your own bed. There?s no need to toss and turn while counting sheep while trying to fall asleep ? wouldn?t you rather focus on thread count and a cute set of sheets? Don?t lose sleep worrying about it ? with proper planning you?ll drift off to sleep like a baby at camp ? browse our sleep tight collection any time for ideas, information and sleep-inducing solutions; arrange for convenient delivery using your tablet or smart phone. Begin with the basics ? whether sleeping in a bunk bed or a cot, you?ll be provided with a mattress, so a mattress protector is a must have. Compare bedding essentials including bed and cot mattress pads, cotton pillows, twin extra-long sheets, bed toppers, backrests and more. A foam mattress topper will help to improve the quality and comfort of a mediocre mattress. Choose from memory foam bed toppers, microfiber mattress pads and temperature balancing mattress pads. Not sure if you want a soft or a firm mattress topper? Check out mattress topper reviews and ratings to find out what others think. You may wish to bring your favorite pillow, so a pillow protector is essential; should you opt for new pillows (a good idea, since foam pillows only last a few years and feather pillows about a decade), an investment in good quality pillow protectors can help to protect your pillow against bed bugs, allergens dust mites, pet dander, odors and spills. Even if you bring a favorite pillow from home, more pillows or a backrest pillow make it easy to read, surf the net or watch TV in bed comfortably. Pack a quilt, comforter or cozy throw and comfortable lounging; a bunk bed shelf or bedside storage caddy keeps essentials close at hand.