Camp Decor

Sleepaway camp is all about you ? it?s a time to leave the nest (for a week or the whole summer), make new friends, try new things and express yourself. Create your special camp place with fun and functional items designed to help you make the most of your camp experience. Browse our selection any time for ideas, inspiration and camp-worthy solutions; arrange for convenient delivery using your tablet or smart phone. Choose from cute and fun items such as soft and comfy shag bedside rugs, photo collage boards, folding storage ottomans and casual floor pillows designed to make it easy to hang and chill with new friends. Practically speaking, space is limited in a cabin, dorm or tent, so you need to make the most of every square inch and we?ve got just the right stuff. Compare media lap desks, LED clip lamps, mini surge protectors, damage-free wall hooks, fabric-covered storage totes and more. A clip on fan can help to keep your personal space well ventilated plus a small fan can cool down a stuffy space in minutes. Personalize your space with decorative throw pillows ? pile them on the bed, toss some on a chair or couch if you have one, and use floor pillows as versatile seating options. Love pink throw pillows ? get clever throw pillows with cute graphics and fun sentiments; you?ll never be homesick when you have a throw pillow bearing a funny and encouraging message. What?s the real message about sleepaway camp? Whether you are perfecting a sport, working on your musical skills, improving your health and fitness levels, learning a new language, doing science or delving into your faith, camp is a time for exploration and discovery; discover who you are when you create your space and share it with new friends.