Wine Preservers & Bottle Stoppers

Why waste wine ? once you open the bottle to air the wine begins to oxidize; if not addressed, exposure shortens the life of your wine and renders it useless. Decorative wine stoppers are not only fun to look at, they serve a vital function; by using one after a bottle has been opened you may enjoy the wine for a few days before it spoils. A bottle stopper is a good way to top off your wine and prevent leaks; a wine stopper keeps an unfinished bottle of wine fresh and offers a comfortable grip for reopening as compared to trying to remove the original cork after a second use. Wine bottle stoppers are a great way to distinguish any wine bottle; use them to dress up screw cap wine bottles as well. True wine aficionados may prefer a wine preservation system that allows you to pour your favorite wine without popping the cork; a vacuum wine preserver extracts air from the bottle to preserve the wine?s flavor.