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Heaters & Humidifiers

Winter can be wonderful but for many people it?s just too cold plus forced hot air heat can simply be too drying; stop the shivering, the static electricity and the chapped skin with winter climate control solutions you?ll love. Use a warm mist humidifier to relieve the effects of dryness and congestion with soothing bacteria-free moisture that also provides relief from cold and flu symptoms. An infrared heater stays safely cool on the exterior while providing powerful heat to offer comfort and warmth. A cool mist humidifier provides instant relief from low humidity (often a cause of static electricity); an ultrasonic humidifier adds moisture to any room to help prevent chapped lips and dry skin. Browse and compare room heaters ? you?ll find radiant heaters, heated floor mats, whole room and dual zone heaters, ceramic tower heaters, baseboard heaters, space heaters, portable heaters, cabinet heaters and more. Be comfortable and stay warm.