Skin Care

Winter can be wonderful but for many people the combination of cold weather and forced hot air heat can be too drying; fight dry, itchy skin, raw hands and chapped lips with cold weather skin care products specially formulated to nourish dry skin while replenishing and locking in moisture. Browse our selection to find solutions such as hand repair cream, extra-rich moisturizer, body cream, Shea body butter, coconut oil beauty cream, miracle salve, eczema relief cream, skin firming body lotion and more. Hands tend to bear the brunt of cold weather; soothe cracked, dry and split hands with hand cream formulated to both hydrate the skin and help to retain moisture. There are many winter skin care remedies ?whatever you choose, regular use is key to good results because it is essential to keep skin moist and hydrated to prevent chapping, chafing, cracks and splits. A good quality moisturizing lotion will refresh and moisturize dry skin and keep your skin healthy.