Google Home Hub and Nest® Thermostat E Bundle
Google Home Hub and Nest® Thermostat E Bundle
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    Google Home Hub and Nest® Thermostat E Bundle

    Control Your Weather With A Smart Thermostat

    Everybody says you can't control the weather, and maybe that's true, but you can control the temperature in your house or apartment. And nothing makes it easier than our WiFi enabled thermostats. Simply install the small unit and you'll be able to control your home's heating or cooling from an app on your smartphone – compatible with iOS and Android devices. As part of our line of Smart Innovation products, these thermostats fit right in, using smart technology to help save energy and make your daily life more efficient. 


    Full and remote control


    The days of the single-function dial thermostat are over. If you're trying to save money on your energy bill – and who isn't – try one of our smart thermostats. These units connect to your WiFi and download information about your local weather to completely fine-tune heating and cooling inside your home. The app easily works with your smartphone, and most thermostats work with Alexa and Google Home. You don't have to be at home to control the thermostat, either. You can do it from anywhere, and set custom settings to save energy for the times you're not at home. Coming home from a night out and want to make the house warmer? Just bump up the temp as you're on your way home, and you'll walk into a nice, cozy room.


    Smart thermostats for smart shoppers


    Your smart thermostat never forgets to turn itself on or off. It intelligently manages your heating and cooling – in other words, it does the thinking for you. Your new thermostat will turn itself down when nobody's home, and turn itself back up when you're on your way home, helping you save money and conserve energy. And you can use your smartphone app to monitor your energy usage, and get insights into times when you could be even more efficient. Another bonus? These WiFi thermostats are sleek and fit in well with any décor. With subtle digital displays and buttons, they're not only easy to read, but they're also simple to program. You'll find yourself taking advantage of every feature!