Tp-link LB120 Wi-Fi Tunable  Bulb in Clear
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Tp-link LB120 Wi-Fi Tunable Bulb in Clear
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Tp-link LB120 Wi-Fi Tunable  Bulb in Clear

Smart Lighting & Outlets

You already have a smart phone ? how about creating a smart home? If you?re not even sure what that means ? no worries, we?ll help you see the light. Lighting is a great place to begin when you want to create a smart home. Simply put, connected lighting and outlets allow you to remotely dim and brighten your home?s lights, set timers and turn power on and off. This is an essential functionality when you own a vacation home, and a powerful solution for use in your primary residence. Automate your lights for peace of mind and rest easy with the knowledge that you have the power to control just about everything using your smart phone or tablet. Philips Hue lights are a popular choice, and a Philips Hue starter kit will get you up and running in short order because it is compatible with the Hue app for smart phones and tablets as well as with Alexa and Google Assistant. Smart light bulbs are offered in a variety of options including dimmable bulbs, candelabra bulbs, light strips, LED and watt equivalent bulbs, Hue bulbs and more, so you can address every existing light fixture in your home; wireless smart lights make it easy to enhance your home lighting. Regardless of the manufacturer, any WIFI light bulb lets you manage lights from your phone, laptop or other smart device. Once you?ve got the basics covered, it?s as easy as changing a light bulb to create a smart home. Take it further and create a truly connected home with smart plugs and smart light switches designed to allow you to control not only lights but other devices; select models enable you to use voice commands to turn lights and appliances on and off for total home control. Intrigued? Browse our comprehensive collection and get smart.