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Storage & Cleaning

We've got an amazing storage and cleaning section. You can find solutions large and small. A shelving unit would help you organize the garage. Or, you might need an automated vacuum cleaner. They'll patrol the house while scouring its floors for loose dirt. A portable cart could help you organize cart supplies without impacting their mobility. Sprucing up an office is much easier when you have organizers. We've got wire baskets that would look great in an office, and they're great for organization. You can even find festive-themed items to help with holiday decorations. Bed Bath & Beyond is where you'll find all your storage and cleaning solutions.

Pair your new organization and storage items with some high-quality cleaning products. We've got soaps that you can place in the bathroom, and we've also got some for the kitchen. Get detergents you can use to help you whenever you're mopping the floor. Steam cleaners remove stains from carpets effortlessly, leaving them renewed. You can even find something to help you clean teak if you've got any in your house. Make sure all your storage has an odor eliminator, so they'll always smell fresh. Bed Bath & Beyond can help you keep your home clean, fresh, and organized.

Combine your cleaning supplies with one of our vacuums. You can sterilize the whole house by using a steam cleaner on all the carpets. Spraying them with steam will also help to lift out dust. One of our vacuums would be perfect for the hard floors. If you've got wood planks, we've even got cleaners you can use on them. A high-quality vacuum wouldn't leave behind bits of dust and dirt. It'd get everything on the first pass. You can find all your cleaning and storage solutions here, at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Our storage containers can help you organize any room, large or small. Stack a few of them in a closet to add some vertical space to your organizational plans. Throw a shelving unit into the garage to create a whole new place to stash your tools. We've also got underbed storage items, so you can keep things tucked away. Hang a few of your shirts on the back of your closet door. That's a great way to utilize all the space inside of a smaller closet. Bed Bath & Beyond has all the tools you need to optimize your storage space.

Bed Bath & Beyond has canister vacuums, stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, and more. We've even got an entire lineup of Dyson® products. A cord-free model would make vacuuming the floor easy, even without an outlet. Grab some of their personal care products to simplify your morning routine, too. We also carry a lot of Shark® products as well. Get one of their automated vacuums, and you can pair it with your phone. Use their app to schedule your cleaning, so it'll happen while you're away. They've also got something that can help you vacuum without an outlet. You can find BISSELL® products here. Take a look at their steam cleaners. You can use them to fully sterilize all your carpets at home in just a couple of hours.