Brooms, Mops & Dusters

Cleaning house is easy when you have the right tools; clean floors, walls and more with modern household cleaning tools designed to make housework easy. Browse cleaning supplies online at your convenience for ideas, information and easy care solutions; compare brooms and sweep sets, dustpan and brush sets, hardwood floor care kits, deep cleaning brush sets, floor mops, cleaning caddies, dusting systems, cleaning buckets, floor and carpet sweepers, spray mops, squeegees and more. Dusters and dust mops help to control cobwebs, dust bunnies and household debris; compare microfiber delicate dusters, feather dusters, extendable dusters, hand dusters, dust mops, pivot head dusters and more. Choose from modern spin mops, hardwood floor mops, cleaning mops, self-wringing mops, swivel-head floor mops, wring mops, string mops, roller mops, sponge mops and more. Use a floor duster for quick and easy cleanups.